Bluetooth Location-based Clock In

Bluetooth location-based clocking utilizes Bluetooth technology to provide accurate attendance tracking in indoor environments such as offices. This method eliminates the need for dedicated clocking machines and only requires Bluetooth transmitters to be set up at clocking locations, such as speakers or printers. Its low power consumption has minimal impact on smartphone battery life, and it provides real-time clocking data for immediate monitoring, enhancing transparency. This technology is suitable for indoor and mobile office environments, improving human resource management efficiency.


Bluetooth location-based clock-in utilizes Bluetooth technology to enable accurate and convenient attendance management. This system allows employees to clock in within the Bluetooth coverage area, such as offices, meeting rooms, or workstations, without the need for specific clock-in machines or entering specific locations. Compared to GPS, Bluetooth technology performs better in indoor environments. Especially within buildings or other places where GPS signals may be blocked, Bluetooth location-based clock-in can provide precise location information. This technology achieves high-precision positioning with very low energy consumption, minimizing the impact on employees' mobile phone batteries. Simply set up Bluetooth transmitters, such as Bluetooth speakers, printers, headsets, keyboards and mice, trackers, or smart home devices, in the required locations, and employees' phones will receive Bluetooth signals and complete clock-ins. The deployment process is quick and straightforward. Bluetooth location-based clock-in provides real-time clock-in data, making it easy for administrators to access and monitor in real-time, enhancing attendance management's immediacy and transparency. With the data collected through Bluetooth location-based clock-in, companies can perform in-depth data analysis to understand employee work patterns and attendance, further improving HR management efficiency. Bluetooth location-based clock-in offers an effective solution for enhancing attendance management in businesses, particularly suited for indoor environments and mobile office scenarios.

* Some of the above features are being tested and will be launched soon, please stay tuned for software updates.
Wherever you are, record attendance accurately

Wherever you are, record attendance accurately

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