IP Location-based Clock In

Swipepoint's IP location-based clocking feature combines technology and management, offering an advanced and accurate attendance method. This clocking method determines the employee's clocking location by identifying the network IP address of their device, ensuring that employees can only clock in within specific locations or network ranges. This is particularly effective for ensuring that employees clock in at the office or designated remote work locations, reducing the possibility of clocking in from unauthorized locations. IP location-based clocking is especially suitable for fixed office locations and remote work scenarios, allowing managers to monitor and adjust trusted IP address ranges in real-time to adapt to different work settings. This feature effectively enhances attendance management efficiency and accuracy.

“SWIPEPOINT” is equipped with IP location clock-in functionality, which is an advanced attendance method that combines technology and management. IP location clock-in determines the employee's location by identifying the network IP address of their device. When employees perform a clock-in operation using their device, “SWIPEPOINT” automatically captures the current IP address of that device and matches it with the trusted IP address range pre-set by the company. The advantage of this method is that it ensures employees only clock in from specific locations or within a network range, such as the company's office or designated remote work locations. For managers, this guarantees the accuracy of employee attendance locations and reduces the likelihood of employees clocking in from unauthorized locations. IP location clock-in is particularly suitable for businesses or organizations with fixed office locations or situations where it's necessary to confirm that employees are working from designated locations while remote working. Through the “SWIPEPOINT” admin dashboard, managers can not only monitor employees' clock-in locations in real-time but also set or adjust trusted IP address ranges to adapt to various work scenarios. The IP location clock-in feature of “SWIPEPOINT” enhances attendance management efficiency and accuracy for businesses.

IP location clock-in is an attendance system that records employees' working hours and locations based on their IP address. This system is usually integrated with a company's computer network and human resources management software. Here's how IP location clock-in works and its advantages:

How it Works:

IP Address Identification

Every device connected to the internet has a unique IP address that can be used to identify the device's location. When employees connect to the company's network, their devices are assigned an IP address.

Time Recording

The IP location clock-in system records the IP address of employees' devices and timestamps the clock-in. This information is used to determine employees' working hours and locations.

Location Identification

By looking up the IP address, the system can determine the approximate geographic location of employees. This helps the company confirm whether employees are at the designated work locations.

Data Recording

Clock-in data is stored on the company's servers and is typically integrated into the human resources management system. Managers can access employees' clock-in records at any time.



IP location clock-in can provide relatively accurate information about employees' work locations, reducing the likelihood of cheating or false clock-ins.


Employees only need to connect to the company's network, and the system automatically records their clock-in information. This is more convenient than traditional physical punch cards or forms.

Real-time Data

Clock-in data is recorded in real-time, allowing managers to monitor employees' work status at any time and ensure work is conducted on schedule.

Cost Savings

There is no need for additional clock-in devices or cards, which can save costs.

Despite the many advantages of IP location clock-in, it's important to be aware of some potential issues. For example, if employees use a virtual private network (VPN) to connect to the company's network, their IP addresses may be masked, leading to inaccurate location information. Additionally, employees may have privacy concerns as their location information may be accessed by the company.

IP location clock-in is a modern and efficient way of recording work hours that enhances accuracy, but it should be implemented carefully, considering employee privacy and data security.

* Some of the above features are being tested and will be launched soon, please stay tuned for software updates.
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Wherever you are, record attendance accurately

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