LINE Clock In

Swipepoint integrates with the LINE messaging application to provide a convenient way for employees to clock in directly using the LINE app they use in their daily lives. This reduces the need to learn a new system and simplifies the clocking process. After clocking in through LINE, employees and managers can instantly receive notifications and confirmations without the need for additional clocking hardware or devices. This feature combines interactive elements of LINE, such as stickers, to make attendance more engaging, increasing employee participation and satisfaction while providing a modern and user-friendly attendance experience.

Swipepoint integrates with the LINE communication app, making the clock-in process more convenient and intuitive. This feature allows employees to clock in directly through LINE, a widely used messaging application, eliminating the need to switch to a separate attendance app. Many employees are already daily users of LINE, so clocking in through LINE reduces the time they need to learn and adapt to a new system. After clocking in, both employees and managers receive immediate notifications and confirmations through LINE. Companies no longer need to purchase specialized clock-in hardware or devices; employees can simply use their smartphones to clock in. Leveraging LINE's various features, such as messages and stickers, makes the attendance process more engaging and interactive. For example, a "good morning" sticker can accompany the morning clock-in. Swipepoint's integration with LINE for clock-in not only provides a modern and convenient attendance method but also makes the clock-in process more user-friendly and interactive, increasing employee engagement and satisfaction.

* The above feature will be launched soon, please stay tuned for software updates.
Wherever you are, record attendance accurately

Wherever you are, record attendance accurately

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